We believe that is our duty to support and guide our pupils in discovering their creativity, interests and independence. Keeping in mind our mission and ethos, we share a common pedagogical culture of teaching by precept, across all our disciplines of literature, art, design, history, science and co-curricular activities.

We have decisively kept our student numbers low, so each and every one of our pupil gets the utmost support and help from us. Subject of studies are bedrocks of every child’s education from science, arts, maths, computing to languages, therefore, we have recently invested a considerable amount in our school so we can maintain and improve our facilities and standards.

Drama, and music  are prominent feature at all levels of the school, and opportunities abound for boys and girls to develop their performing talents. Every year we hold a major annual production in which all the children and staff are involved.

Sport plays a high profile in the life of the school and all pupils are encouraged to develop their skills and participate to the full. A dedicated team of specialist games teachers provides expert coaching and guidance in a wide range of team and individual sports and every possible opportunity is provided for our boys and girls to represent the school in competitive fixtures.