Library and Laboratories


The School Library is full of resourceful books and is well catalogued and managed by a professional librarian. It contains various subject realted reference books and resources selected by our subject teachers to enhance understanding of their subject. Materials related to CBSE examinations are also located in the library so that students can access syllabuses and past papers. In addition, we subscribe to a wide range of periodicals and magazines which provide both intellectual stimulation and relaxation.

Our library also has a varied range of fiction and non-fiction novels in English and Hindi. These books cater to all age groups and reading levels and the Librarian guides students to books which might be best suited to their abilities and interests.

Students are provided one time tabled lesson in the library each week for self-study and research. In addition the library is open on holidays and Sundays as a place for personal study or leisurely reading. The library has become the focus for their progress and development. Our resources in the library are constantly reviewed and revised so that students have access to the very latest books and materials.


Godwin not only has  fully equipped laboratories for Physics, Chemistry and Biology  as well as for Geography & Mathematics and Home  Science.These are fully equipped with the most modern equipment to allow students to develop their skills in practical science and to learn scientific theories through their own experimentation.


Apart from the traditional Laboratories the school has a Digital Laboratory with the content from Next Education  which helps students to understand 
the topic better and get proper observation and inference of the practicals they do in the Laboratory.

These laboratories come into their own in the period leading up to Board Examinations but the teachers  are encouraged to use them as a regular part of their lessons. Our aim is to ensure that students see subjects like Science, Mathematics and Geography not just as applying a theory but as a subject where they can derive theories themselves by experimentation.